While at BEAK Ian has been employed as an Electronic Design Engineer responsible for the Design, Testing and Repair of the following equipment:

  1. Tarmac and Off-road based Aviation Ground Power Units ranging in size from 45kVA to 180kW, including but not limited to the Design and Testing of the following GPU’s currently in use by Qantas, G06, G16 and G20 90kVA GPU’s, G09 and G13 160kVA GPU’s and G15Q 180kW GPU’s.
  2. Specialized 50Hz Gensets for the Defence Forces.
  3. Rotary Frequency Converters, from 60 to 90kVA in capacity.
  4. 400Hz Loadbanks from 21 to 81kW in capacity.
  5. Static Inverters and Converters.

Ian is responsible for all aspects of the Design/Production process including the initial Tender response, equipment specification, major component selection, design and development, prototype construction and testing, production management, QA, Customer liaison, training and repairs.